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Membership is the simplest way to instantly enhance your businesses Green credentials and we plant and preserve 100’s – 1000’s of forest trees on your behalf as you join, depending on your membership level.

You’ll receive a certificate you can display in your premises confirming your Green credentials to your customers, staff and suppliers and you can use our name and logo on your stationery, business cards, quotes, website and marketing material, helping you win more business whilst saving the planet.

Members also gain exclusive access to our official accreditation schemes, all designed to enhance sales further and to ensure your journey to Net Zero is profitable, rather than a cost.


Being sustainable is becoming increasingly important to business as recent surveys show:


90% of Customers want businesses to do more to protect the environment.

75% of customers expect businesses to support sustainability.

88% of customers won’t buy if they consider a business irresponsible.

68% of customers are willing to pay more for sustainability.

You’ll also unlock valuable benefits and discounts that will pay for you membership many times over –
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Membership is annual, but can be cancelled at any time before renewal.

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For more information on our international tree planting and forest preservation and carbon offsetting initiatives, please click here Projects